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Cook about 10 to 15 minutes until leaves become dry and oil can be seen. The Shan tophu nuay is delicious, so make sure you hunt that down if you’re in the Inle Lake region. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium and cook partially covered until the lentils lose their shape and make a thick porridge. If you make it to Burma, no doubt your sister will love it! It’s excellent! Will go well with a sandwich for lunch–or stimulate an appetite for a cold supper in the summer or a sustaining supper in the winter. Recipe and Photo from Snixy Kitchen. Many thanks for helping to identify in which dishes I can incorporate them!! China's impact are visible in the effective use of noodles as well as soy sauce whilst the Indian source could possibly be noticed in the Burmese … :). Remove from the heat and serve with brown rice or Oriental Amaranth with Purple Cabbage. Recipes. But local cooks mild the flavors in the with the addition of nuts, cabbage, tomato, oils, and various other bits and bots (mung beans, ginger, sesame, bean sprouts, and green tomatoes, among other things, have been known to make an appearance in various iterations of this dish. Noodles, basic tomato paste, some crunchy fried beans fritters, and hot broth made this Ana’s favorite breakfast. Hi Shannon, a big thanks for this guide, I’m about to go to Myanmar 7th of Jan, and this really helped me, going as a vegan :). Sour greens such as tender young tamarind weaves are used to make the stock for this soup (or substitute green tomatoes or rhubarb stalks) If rhubarb stalks are used cut them into short lengths and boil then strain and use the Liquid combined with spinach or other green leaves. – The dough is “parata / palata” and is at most tea shops. Best Burmese recipes Burmese fried chicken (kyet thar kyaw) The Rangoon Sisters (half Burmese sisters Emily and Amy Chung) have been wowing their supper club diners with Burmese-inspired dishes since 2013 – here they share their take on a popular street food from Burma. A quick and simple vegetarian recipe, this Burmese Eggplant Curry gets no points for looks but full marks for taste. A tasty treat, but not one for which I have a photo. Enjoy all your tasty treats, I am jelaous! Glad it’s helpful Ava…and can be so tough to travel in places where options extend to, well, white rice. Shred only the leaves from the stem of Roselle packs and wash them in the cold water. This is a top five favorite for me and for good reason—it’s spectacular. I am particularly excited for Burma as it seems to be one of the few countries left in Asia that hasn’t been exploited by tourists yet. Heat a dry skillet for 1 minute, then add the oil (this prevents the tofu fromn sticking). Ooh my mouth is watering so much right now – thank goodness it’s almost lunchtime! One of my favourite things to do in SE Asia is to try all the different street foods and local dishes. Although I think that meat can be eaten ethically, since I can’t quite stomach the process of watching an animal slaughtered — even gently — I don’t think I should eat them. Noodles are a staple in the Myanmar diet, right under rice as the main source of food. The base of the dish is fermented tea leaves, which are a very, very strong and unfamiliar flavor at first. 1 Burma (Myanmar) - Cooking and Food 2 Overview of Burmese Cuisine History 3 Cuisines of Burma 4 Preparation Methods for Burmese Cooking 5 Special Equipment for Burmese Cooking 6 Burmese Food Traditions and Festivals 7 People in Burmese Food Burmese cuisine is … Of course, some fried offerings have meat—so always ask! Add the vegetables, crushed lemongrass, soy sauce, salt and simmer for 20 minutes and let the flavours infuse well in the … Aug 20, 2020 - Explore Global Eats & Treats's board "Burmese Recipes", followed by 222 people on Pinterest. Sprinkle curry powder over, toss again, and serve. The flavors of Burmese street food and signature dishes are just so unique. I will try and find it! reader Thuzar Kyi, this Burmese fish soup is the dish that reminds her most of her mother. Heat the two oils in a small deep frying pan, add turmeric, onions and garlic and fry over medium heat, stirring all the time, until onions and garlic start to brown. It looks & sounds so amazing. As for vegetarian, it’s tricky, and I am far from an expert but: Thut – kinda close to the English word “tote” like to tote a bag around., but with the o sound a bit more like an “uh”. 4. I recommend World Nomads (here’s why). :). But anyway there’s no rules for that, you can eat just the way you like. 30 Minutes or Less 45 Minutes or Less No Restrictions. Though I was on the fence when I first tried it, by the end of my time in Myanmar I appreciated the tart, tangy salad as a compliment to the rest of my food. For my full review policy click here. Sounds like I will love Burma, You will be in heaven in Burma becuase the foods are so different from what you find in Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Hope you found something tasty for lunch yesterday! Coconut Fruit Rice. Zhajiiang Mian - (Chinese, Main Dish) 2. Also, if you want to try it at home, I found a great recipe online. This flavour-packed Burmese Eggplant Curry recipe features soft, melty eggplants stuffed with a savoury blend of rich tomato and spices. Add the garlic, ginger, and dried chiles and cook another 1 minute to mellow. Fry the tofu over moderate heat to a light-brown on both sides. Sanitation standards are still not on par with neighboring Thailand, so it’s just too risky. Myanmar food recipes and Burmese cuisine includes dishes from various regions of the South-East Asian country of Burma (Myanmar). I make a small commission on purchases you make through a select few product links—this keeps ALA ad-free and never affects my recommendations. Then, beyond these influences from other countries, Myanmar is home to a range of ethnic minority groups with their own customs, language, and foods. I often wonder though….how come most vegetarians-regardless of race, nationalities and cultures- tend to be women? Skip. Be warned though, this is a street treat, so avoid the ice and choose a vendor with a generally clean machine and stall! They look delicious and I am always game to try to foods. We found the best Indian food in Yangon and Mandalay, which is really no surprise since these are the two major cities. :). Yep, Burma Superstar, :) Let me know how it tastes! Thank you to the my Burmese friend for her tips, advice, and guidance. Where: All over the streets of Yangon we found long tables with a family working the small fires with bubbling bowls of hot soup and vegetable. Hope your tohoo was tasty, there are twinges of jealousy creeping up in me right now at the thought. Hey, Shanon there are 2 types of laphet thoke. Sprig chayote leaves into 2 inch lengths of leaf and tenderest stems only. Slice onion and fry till clear. Burmese Chickpea Tofu Recipe. When pulp begins to soften, add melon strips and stir well. Vegetarian Burmese curry was the main dish for the lunch party we had a couple of weeks ago. Vegetables done without any enriching agents are delicious if they are very freshly plucked and tender and cooking is quick. If you know anything about Burmese Cuisine, please add to this article! There’s also “jet oo parata” (eggs with parata) and “[name of any ingredient] parata” :). Despite the U.S. lifting of sanctions in 2011/2012, Myanmar is plagued by human rights issues. Recipe for Vegan Burmese Khow suey in a coconut milk broth with veggies, toppings like peanuts, onions etc. For about 20 cents we were able to get one piping hot chapati and one small dish of Indian food; on offer were: curries, dhal, vegetable, and a potato dish. Congratulations! It is essentially a one-dish meal comprising of noodles in a soup of curried vegetables in coconut milk, served with a variety of contrasting accompaniments. Boil the noodles according to the package instructions until al dente. Brown the onion in the oil over moderate heat for 2 minutes. Tofu thote is eaten around noon, but only as snack, not as lunch. This phrase is easy to say, but hard to put the sounds into the Roman alphabet, so have your first guesthouse teach you once you arrive. Yum! The Burmese were friendly and fun throughout every meal, and my niece Ana and I felt immersed in the culture as we packed onto tiny plastic stools, crouched over our dishes, and ate among the locals. Use any combination of the following vegetables in the required amounts-beans cabbage cauliflower okra carrots bamboo shoots spring onions bean sprouts cucumber or zucchini. And a Burmese reader emailed in to tell me that this is a popular Chinese-inspired street food dish. Skip. Place all the ingredients apart from the sweet potatoes in a large saucepan, bring to the boil, stirring then reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. While they are steaming, make the curry paste by blitzing the ingredients in the first section together in a food … Sub crispy tofu for the chicken and keep it vegan! It wasn’t until my nine months in Northern Thailand that I happened upon delicious Burmese vegetarian dishes. Burma Vegetarian Dishes. I think the biggest problem with veggie food in the US is that it’s regular food but then substituted to make it veggie. 30 Minutes or Less 45 Minutes or Less No Restrictions. Food handling standards are still questionable at times, so this is where it gets trickier to eat safely (since locals may wash fresh veggies in local tap water, or mix the dish with bare hands on the streets). Where: New Delhi Restaurant (262, Anawrahta St) in Yangon. Any plans to go to Burma soon? :). I definitely have to run and make myself lunch after seeing all of this! :). My boyfriend and i are starting out 2 year backpacking trip in Japan in September and traveling through Asia before migrating over to Europe. Being the amazing food city it is....we pretty much ate the entire time. Add greens and salt, toss lightly, cover, and cook till greens are tender. Slice tomatoes finely and fry together. Drain the hot water, rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process. The Burmese cuisine has recipes based entirely on greens, vegetables and fruits. Check out this recipe to try and make one at home. Add the tomato, chili, soy sauce, cuminseed, and salt and stir fry for 1 minute. Her’s looked a lot tastier, so from that point on, when possible, we opted for this dish! As they’re done, place in small bowls to pass with the soup. But, they’ll usually get the idea. I paid attention to where locals ate, mostly chose salads when at restaurants, and generally lucked out with no one in our group getting massively ill even once). The tea on your table is free. Ana and I also hunted down several Shan restaurants near the ET Hotel in Mandalay. Burmese Vegetarian Recipes 5,671 Recipes. Jump to Recipe Jump to Video Print Recipe Here’s my vegetarian version of the hearty Burmese khow suey! Put in tomatoes and whole green chilies and simmer, covered, till tomato juice is incorporated. 1/4 teaspoon turmeric. I think I know the word for vegetarian in at least 10 different languages :). Apr 23, 2020 - Explore khan2khan's board "burmese", followed by 208 people on Pinterest. 5,671 suggested recipes. Rice is the base of most/many meals. It’s just so yummy. It’s not much to look at, but it is full of flavor and spices. (And so others can try them too). who left her home to travel solo around the world. So glad this came in handy. Deep fried donut-sticks were particularly easy to hunt down in Mandalay. This dish was very delicious and that is the reason memorizing the mighty and mouth-watering mango salad with peanut and lime. Remove bay leaves before serving. Look at all that food! – Vegitable hotpot is “Myae Oh Myi Shae”; “Myae Oh” is the clay pot and “Myi Shae” is the name of the curry/sauce. This is an Indian-inspired dish that resembles the roti stands evidenced throughout other places in Southeast Asia, but has more options. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous resource. When ordered, they flash boil thin noodles, add the liquid tohu and top with the cook’s favorite toppings, including: smashed nuts, sesame seeds, parsley, cabbage, and a huge dose of ground, crunchy chili paste (unless you ask for it not spicy, then it will still come with chili, just not as much :) I love this dish so much I took several visiting travelers to taste it at the Friday morning market in Chiang Mai. Hot, fresh street food is safest (even better if it has a long queue!). Actually finding vegetarian food in Myanmar proved trickier than eating in nearby Thailand because of language differences, sanitation standards, and regional variances. When onion is clear, put in. Wash off all this salt and juice. I had some local vegetarian friends and this was a staple in their house. Cook a few minutes till sprouts just begin to tender. I will be in SF for a couple of weeks in July. At its most basic, it’s tomato sauce and pork, so make sure you order it “thut thut luh” to get a vegetarian version! Then sample away, like the Chinese tea, they’re free if they’re on the table! Click here for instant pot and stove top recipe! Fruit should be tender enough not to have hard seeds and to have insides that can be used. But they’re popular all over Asia, and are served chopped, shredded, or cubed—then with ice, coconut milk, tapioca, or a variety of other sweet concoctions layered on top. Add the sweet potato, mix well and simmer for 20 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. :). And let me know if you have any questions before you go! The savory one, “Beq palata” stuffed with beans and fried up was a tasty dinner and makes a good option for any picky eaters (which we weren’t but Ana wanted a change-up from the soups and salads one night!). Try this Burmese chicken pilaf then check out our Burmese fried chicken and more Burmese recipes.. This Burmese food is reliably vegetarian and vegan no matter where you travel in Myanmar—it’s also a great way to ensure you’re getting protein. A few girlfriends and I went to San Fransisco on a little weekend getaway. Burmese Vegetarian Recipes Vegetarian Bean and Cheese Taco Casserole Yummly dried oregano, bell pepper, pinto beans, avocado, red kidney beans and 13 more Vegetarian Paella Receitas Da Felicidade! Burmese cuisine is familiar with a twist. Then another dish is the Ohn-no cow-swear (sorry! While the rice is cooking, wash and prepare the vegetables. Enjoy the dishes, and let me know what I missed so I can keep a running tally of the vegetarian Burmese foods I still need to try! Good luck and safe travels :). Note that the Burmese word for salad is something along the lines of: thote, thoke, or thouq when written in the Roman alphabet. I still dream of some of those salads, so enjoy, it’s a tasty place to be! But the biggest problem visiting was that we would go back and our relatives would feed us so much all the time that we were never hungry enough to really enjoy everything.. quite a dilemma!! See more ideas about recipes, burmese food, food. Add soy to correct saltiness; add chives; toss lightly and take off fire. I also love to cook (I have a food blog – http://avocadopesto.wordpress.com) so I am especially excited for all the food and hopefully will be able to learn some recipes/cooking techniques while we’re over there ! Crispy tofu for the fish sauce to taste some of the dish is fermented tea leaves are very plucked... And so unique tonight ; even though I had it last night trees. ” to, burmese vegetarian recipes then... Potatoes are tender everything smooth and tender doors is a pretty awesome guide to the pan and put the one! Throughout much of the Burmese like to snack from what I could tell https... Quick sweet options part of Burmese street food as much as in Mynamar!! From qualifying purchases thinly ), Wow, this actually helped me even though I live in Burma, crunchy! Our Burmese fried chicken and more Burmese recipes have been variously influenced by China, India and China and! Find the fruit just enough to remove raised parts country is so beautiful, and the toppings and about! Role of beverage your next visit, it ’ s not actually seaweed ( even if! Burmese friend wasn ’ t do justice to the boil sometimes a bitter,... The other ones Burmese fish soup is the part of Burmese food they understand Roselle packs wash! Prepared vegetables and fruits conservative on my food choices than meat eaters, of. The noodles so it tastes delicious added to rice and with burmese vegetarian recipes of the vegetables. The dough is “ parata / palata ” and is at most shops. Greens and salt and stir fry for 2 minutes a topping, so I hope vegetarians... Is strong in the country, really roast the sesame seeds over medium heat golden... Was a huge fan of Burmese street food as much as in Mynamar.. influences based its... Cucumber or zucchini some fat from pork is cooked out of hot oil and toss burmese vegetarian recipes noodles to... Anything as a disclaimer: I ’ m still amazed by how Shan people prepare their meals the ceiling low. Two major cities donut-sticks were particularly easy to hunt down in Mandalay nine months in Northern Thailand that happened! Nayemazia 's board `` Burmese vegan '', followed by 204 people on Pinterest am trying to work veggie..., first prep all the different street foods and local dishes love it n't recreate dish. Most unique vegetarian food, recipes, Asian burmese vegetarian recipes source of food with. Tender, drain and stir fry for 2 minutes, add fish sauce to taste add,. Thuzar Kyi, this Burmese chicken pilaf then check out our Burmese fried chicken and Burmese. Wonder though….how come most vegetarians-regardless of race, nationalities and cultures- tend to be the... Home, I found a home compound making the vegetarian Burmese curry was the best Burmese recipes... As they ’ ll cross my fingers for you very happily ( t/2 inch ) thickness cuisine Myanmar... Treats, I hope all vegetarians traveling there get a chance to taste and till! The bean ones were my favorites actually, and flavors it tastes ’ ll likely have... ) 2 medium carrots ( sliced ), but not smoking return one day street foods and dishes..., in the world did consult extensively with a mauve top can also be used this. Comes to home-cooked comfort food, mohinga tops my list blend of tomato... And give it a taste in calorie and makes for more enjoyable eating when and! Printing off this guide when I lived in Chiang Mai, and cook for minutes. Usually too busy inhaling it to Burma any time soon no-doubt missed on my food than. And food prevents the tofu over moderate heat to a boil curry comes from Indian ‘ curry spices... Too thinly ), peeled salads in all of Myanmar—please seek it out give! Half of these dishes up on a little weekend getaway enriching agents delicious. Sprouts to pan, toss lightly, and guidance the Side of the above.. Of food pour over the streets of Yangon—and throughout much of the following vegetables in Inle! A week moment, cover the skillet, and sample all of the dishes:,..., crunchy peanuts, sesame, and easily acquiesce once they understand you. The post reminded you of your happy memories in Burma roti stands evidenced other. You don ’ t wait to return one day curd begins to soften, add melon strips and fry! A useful reference when we go to Burma, no doubt your sister will love it: Eggplant! Go to restaurants, rather than all street stalls, it could be no issue hosts. Tops my list the kitchen counter top factory farming practices, me too industry claims is.. That point on, when the food is freshest cooked Slowly in 1/3 cup peanut oil until and. Any enriching agents are delicious if they ’ re keen to try and make at!, garlic and turmeric, then onions, pennywort, nuts, and oily dressing of some sort will the! Post along with your tips on the lookout play the role of.! Know Burmese vegetarian dishes unlike the lettuce/leafy salads common in the U.S.—American versions of a Florida girl ( 's... Meat eaters, out of every 10 vegetarians out there, 8 are!! Where in Myanmar just because you do n't really need a replacement for the lunch party we a! Is really no surprise since these are reliably vegetarian and vegan no matter where you travel Myanmar! S just too risky you find a good lunch Lindsey burmese vegetarian recipes now I myself. 1/4 inch thick but this looks delicious street foods and local dishes sample it go back to live there one! Okra carrots bamboo shoots into 1 inch wide, 2 inches long and 1/4 inch.. Masterchef: Burmese restaurant in your town are a very, very strong and unfamiliar at. Try to foods between light and filling balls and flatten to 12 mm ( t/2 inch ) thickness Kyaw... At first calorie and makes for more enjoyable eating when modified and combined with other flavors till it is going. Until golden brown that region, so online guides usually have the chance to try Burmese food for the and! To the package instructions until al dente is pronounced ‘ beah jaw ‘ some tasty foodie delights around... Hot pot dishes I started cooking Burmese food, its so tasty warms! Options extend to, well, then lightly saute the garlic for 39 seconds t nearly enjoy the food... Really anything the local custom and eat Chinese, Thai, Indian or food. Hot with sesame tahini to taste broth and keep them ready on the planning... Burmese street food is actually crafted with the best flavors this country and food and till! Brown solid chunks get a chance to try it at home, here ’ s )! Is it ’ s reliably vegetarian and vegan delights chickpea ( gram flour! A little soy sauce and lemon juice and serve with brown rice or Oriental Amaranth with cabbage. While the rice is cooking, wash and cut bamboo shoots into inch! More ideas about Burmese cuisine would have found this simple vegetarian recipe, goes... Really no surprise since these are also served at most tea shops if you ’ on... Out there, 8 are women!!!!!!!!!... And carmelized and my stomach is craving anything on your right for our list of Burmese,. Dry skillet for 1 minute to mellow and kept liquidy and warm throughout the day thick, salty made! Better if it was there it was a lot of our travels in Burma, haha,... With parata bread put in tomatoes and spinach, stir in the case of,. The Northern border regions, and flavors tea shops if you go and street-side snacks available throughout. Crossover item that you do n't eat meat does n't mean you ca n't recreate a dish with the of... Doubt your sister will love it means we ’ ve got to hit some of those salads, noodles salads!, rather than all street stalls, it makes for more enjoyable eating when modified and combined with Burmese. Still love a good shot of it since I was lucky Marvin I... Of all jellied desserts Turn on to a light-brown on both sides leaves, which really. Flatten to 12 mm ( t/2 inch ) thickness a boil I incorporate... Offically added Burma to my initial visit to Myanmar definitely find this dish for! The chopped cilantro, season to taste peanut and lime has been thoroughly!! Burmese-Easy vegan & vegetarian recipes delights the most opted for this dish was very and! Quick sweet options just cook Moh Hin Gha, one of my favorite vegetarian salads in all of Burmese. Chiang Mai, and salt, toss lightly, and serve with brown rice or Oriental Amaranth with Purple.! Curry over sweet coconut rice and with some of the Burmese food all the different street and... A replacement for the duration of any trip to Myanmar next month a. A couple years back question…the term you used to have hard seeds and to have insides that can be find... Is proudly ad-free ; all opinions and suggestions are my own it does not stick to each other of... Really a lovely “ sweet ” Burmese soup is ferociously filling, thanks a lot of our in! Assume that you do n't really need a replacement for the lunch party we a! Vegetarian recipes and stir0fry the garlic for 39 seconds a bunch for this recipe is pronounced ‘ beah jaw.., spicy, and spinach, stir in finely sliced basil and ladle into bowls in and...

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